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Amortization Schedule


An amortization graph is a diagram depicting the principle of an amortizing mortgage. Amortization literally signifies “charge of a loan in a fixed rate of interest over a period.” Amortization simply describes the systematic procedure of paying off financing through monthly payments over time. This can be very complicated, so it’s best to maintain a […]

FHA Loan


Together with the Centennial Mortgage Brokers help, many people can purchase their first home. FHA loans allow you to obtain a new home with a 3.5 percent down payment or refinance your current house to fix it up and find a better price. FHA loan offers many homeowners an easy way to get a loan […]

VA Refinance Rates


VA Refinance Rates is determined by many different factors. The most common factors are the FICO score, duration of service, the dimensions of your current mortgage, and whether you are in default on your mortgage. In general, VA mortgage refinance rates are generally lower than conventional or FHA mortgage prices. VA refinance rates are usually […]